Autism Spectrum Disorder – What Every Teacher Needs to Know

The seminar entitled Autism Spectrum Disorder – What every teacher needs to know is the first of a series and provides basic information on this important topic for teachers working with students of all ages. Topics covered include:

  • What is ASD?
  • How ASD manifests itself in students of different ages
  • Why it is called a spectrum disorder
  • What is known about the causes of ASD
  • Why a diagnosis can be difficult to obtain
  • What teachers can do to accommodate students with ASD in school

The information is presented via slides using narration. Each section in the presentation is interspersed by video clips of the presenter (Dr. Janet B. Webster) introducing and linking the major ideas in each section.

The seminar is just over an hour in length. You can preview the content above and click on the access button below to access the full video. The seminar is pre-recorded so that you can watch and listen at your convenience. It is recommended that you use ear buds or a headset plugged into your computer in order to get the best quality audio. You can pause the video at any point and then resume. You will have one week to watch the seminar.

To Access the Full Length Seminar:

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